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    U-LAB Repairing line is designed to improve skin’s defensive and healing capacities by using photo-active ingredients, such as Nympheline, Calmskin, and Centalla Asiatica. These key ingredients contribute to skin purification by increasing oxidation process and protecting from free radicals. It also accelerates cellular renewal by increasing tensile integrity of the dermis by stimulating the synthesis of neuropeptides. The Ceramide element reinforces the layer of the skin, and Lysate, the natural protector, stimulates DNA repair mechanism.

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    U-LAB Hydrating Line is formulated with intensive active ingredients that provide water-binding capacity to the epidermis, increasing skin hydration and protects against loss of moisture. The complex of Sodium Hyaluronate and Cera-Fluid, form an invisible cisco-elastic surface film that supports the skin’s natural protective mechanism.

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    U-LAB Anti-Aging Line is an innovative scientific development, providing a "Botox-like" treatment without invasive injections. Scientific proven ingredients, Sy®-Ake for muscle cells, Syn®-Coll for dermal connective tissue, Syn®-Tacks for dermal-eqpidermaljunction, and Syn®-Hycan for proteoglycans of the dermis, offer intensive firming and rapid anti-wrinkle properties. By interacting with key proteins of the skin, it improves skin structure and functionality, support dermal communication, and stimulates collagen synthesis via activation of TGF-ß. Additional active ingredients, such as BioNymph Peptide-plant stem cells, increase cell longevity of epidermis and the number count of collagen in the skin layers, thus DNA damage is reduced and collagens are increased and stabilized.

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